Announcement of a new curriculum: Six Sigma Analytics

We aim to support your company in leveraging the benefits of digital transformation for your Six Sigma initiatives so that you can maximize the benefits of your digitalization efforts. Therefore, we have developed a holistic approach with new methods and tools and a corresponding training concept. This concept will prepare your organization optimally for the upcoming challenges of the modern age.

In this blog post, we are presenting the training modules ‘Six Sigma in the Digital Transformation Era’ and ‘KNIME Basics’. Further course descriptions will follow in the upcoming blog posts.


Six Sigma in the Digital Transformation Era

2 days

Interactive training that covers the integration of Six Sigma with various topics and technologies of the digital era: An important learning objective of this training will be the targeted integration of Big Data Analytics into a strategic Six Sigma implementation.

View from the helicopter perspective

Introducing the topic, we first provide an overview of…

  • new possibilities and business opportunities through a target-oriented digitization
  • examples of Big Data Analytics integration with Six Sigma
  • high-level Six Sigma 4.0 Roadmap

Digitalization and Industry 4.0

These so-called “buzz words” are used all the time, but what do they really mean?

After this training, you will know …

  • what the was these terms actually mean
  • how they are often misunderstood
  • which goals companies pursue when implementing digitalization and Industry 4.0
  • what the associated opportunities and risks are

Big Data and Data Science

We bring these widely used terms to the point with examples from the manufacturing sector. Learn about real-world examples of how big data is created and experience while also learning useful analysis with Knime.

Data Mining and Machine Learning

Data is the gold of today, and data mining is a method of generating knowledge from a huge amount of data to make the right decisions. Machine learning uses data to learn, for example, operational or inspection processes. This technique has enormous advantages in terms of avoiding errors. To demonstrate how this works, we will introduce you to …

  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning principles
  • Interaction between methodology, technology and analytics
  • KNIME, a standard software tool for feasible solutioning
  • Case studies with KNIME for different application areas, focusing on production and manufacturing, but also, e.g. marketing and development

How to digitalize? Developing a digitalization strategy

After giving an overview and clarifying the terminology, we will discuss…

  • critical success factors and basic requirements for successful digitization
  • which elements are mandatory and which ones are optional
  • the impact of digitization on existing initiatives and ways of working
  • what an interactive digital concept design could look like

Roadmap 4.0

A systematically developed roadmap is the guide for successfully implementing your digitization projects. For this, we need …

  • a common understanding of the as-is situation, Current State Analysis (CSA 4.0)
  • a delta analysis to realistically assess how long the road to the goal is
  • an understanding of interfaces to other initiatives such as Lean, Six Sigma, DFSS, Agile, Big Data, etc.

We show you how you can develop these elements for your company.

Target audience

Executives who seek to improve their business results through digitization, quality managers, line managers, and Six Sigma belts who want to master new requirements and successfully leverage the 4th Industrial Revolution opportunities.


KNIME Basics Training

2 days

Motivation and background information

Companies are increasingly trying to support their decision-making processes with existing data, but also with new data. Whereas software packages were often used in the past to statistically evaluate data and analyze defined data sources, the requirements are currently shifting. Different data sources must be integrated, and their content processed and evaluated with suitable tools.

Apart from software packages such as JMP-PRO and Rapid Miner, KNIME (Konstanz Information Miner) is currently becoming increasingly popular as an easy-to-learn and very powerful Big Data tool. With a “no code” approach, even users with no programming experience can learn to create their own workflows in no time at all and thus independently digitalize their daily tasks on their own. KNIME’s Advanced Analytics Platform is 100% free open source software. Thousands of predefined nodes are at disposal for rapid processing of even large amounts of data.

KNIME runs on all major operating systems and is now used by 96% of EUROSTOXX 50 and DOW JONES companies.

Training objectives

  • You will learn how to navigate the KNIME interfaceGUI
  • You will learn to create your own workflows that merge, cleanse, and filter data from multiple sources to prepare it for your custom analysis
  • Basic graphical and statistical evaluations are no longer a challenge for you, even if the data was previously unstructured

You can digitalize repetitive processes for data analysis from your daily work yourself and thus achieve massive time savings.

Training content

  • KNIME Analytics Platform GUI (graphical user interface)
  • Workflows und nodes
  • Workflow documentation
  • Import and export workflows
  • Data input and output
  • Data preparation
  • Use variables for more flexible workflows
  • Loop functions for processing large amounts of data
  • (Interactive) data visualization
  • Interactive exercises during the training for direct implementation of what has been learned
  • Outlook: model development (regression and decision trees)

Target audience

Employees from all functions who have to deal with data in their daily work (sales, marketing, controlling, R&D, IT, engineering, production and QM).


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