Industry 4.0 and big data analytics in the context of other initiatives such as Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma

Industry 4.0, digitalization and big data analytics are widely discussed topics, but also extremely broad and complex. Furthermore, many companies are involved in various other initiatives such as Lean Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma, Shainin or “just” CIP. This often results in parallel worlds and parallel and often isolated actions. This would require an overall concept 4.0, which has a great benefit for the company. This was the basic idea and the reason for the book, which describes a combination of methodology, analytics and digitalization.This book provides valuable information on how to introduce a useful concept for the introduction of “Industry 4.0”. It also builds a linkage to common initiatives such as Lean, Six Sigma or Design for Six Sigma. The role of Big Data is also considered in this context to prevent known errors and myths.Ultimately, it is still about a purposeful handling of all these new opportunities, which opens the interface to new challenges and also job profiles, which is also addressed.
Author: Gebhard Mayer (CEO of MTS ConsultingPartner)
ISBN 978-3-8440-6899-3
Shaker publishing

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