Integration of Process Mining procedures in the Six Sigma DMAIC cycle

The consideration of processes and data builds the foundation for the systematic, comprehensive and causal analysis in the Six Sigma DMAIC. There are synergies between Six Sigma and Process Mining.
The advantages of using Process Mining compared to the traditional Six Sigma DMAIC approach can be seen in a classic complaint process (as an example).
From product manufacturing to timely delivery, from invoice verification to customer ID reconciliation, companies today face an exponential growth in the number of requirements. Over time, therefore, different approaches to process improvement have developed. However, due to the increasing complexity of products and processes, proven approaches such as Six Sigma DMAIC often reach their limits. Therefore, companies should critically question the methods used and adapt them to the new challenges.
Our managing directors Gebhard Mayer and Dr. Dietmar Stemann and Karina Buschsieweke ( Lana Labs) have dealt with this topic.
Read the entire article in the journal Quality and Reliability, issue 06/2019, available at: Link QZ
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