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MTS Consulting Partner delivers complete solutions that challenge traditional thinking and drive transformation for your business

Our services enable organizations to address a range of challenges caused by the increasing pace, volume and complexity of change.
Many companies from different industries trust our expertise and competencies to transform their businesses, increase operational excellence and ensure profitability.

Do you know such situations?

  • It is not any more possible to solve problems by an application of traditional methods and initiatives because of an increasing complexiy of products and processes
  • Fire Fighting actions and Task Force Projects are necessary more often in order to achieve quick improvements but it’s not successful in many cases.
  • Problems are really solved and a permanent fire fighting becomes „normal daily business“!
  • Another aspect is that many companies record a tremendous amount of data and common behaviour is – „Let’s record and store as much as possible! – analysis can be done later on”

The logical consequence is:

We must start to deal with the challenges of the future!

Initiate the change based on all of these new challenges with our support.
This means:

  • New way to handle (important) problems with adequate methods
  • Designing new products and processes that they will perform after start of production (SOP)
  • Full harmonization and integration of all initiatives and methods

We can achieve this by a systematic, structured and fact based application of initiatives and methods and involvement of the employees and operators.
Our helicopter view to a company is to look to a very complex big picture which performs like a „clockwork“. If all gears which represent processes, KPI‘s,employees and Management interact in a proper way without any frictions then it will be successful. Therefore our approach contains a systematic and structured approach which analyzes and optimizes all „gears“ of the company.

We respect all of the new challlenges, especially the methods which can detect the “Gold of 21st century – the data” – such as Data Mining and Process Mining – and all of the common methods like CIP, Lean, Lean Six Sigma, Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma, of course.. Our motto is „Apply always the method for an optimization that is needed and that is able to achieve the goal(s) which means an achievement of target values for the relevant Key Performance Indicators. All of this with the commitment of the employees and Management, of course.
There are no strict limitations and boarder lines between the available initiatives and methods for improvements. Interfaces are flowing and the selection of a suitable method just depends on a specific situation in the business and its challenges.

Our team supports the change process to the optimal company control by using a systematic structured approach and solving the challenges of an increasing digitalisation.

We offer the following Consulting services:

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