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Training Information

The key responsibilities of a Six Sigma Champion (also Sponsor) are to select Six Sigma projects, to initiate them, spend the resources and also to watch their progress. He should support project issues during each phase and follow up that they will achieve the defined goal(s).

Commonly Champions belong to the middle or upper Management. He is a promoter of Six Sigma and the change which will be initiated and therefore he needs an overview about Six Sigma-DMAIC, Design for Six Sigma and also the interfaces to the Management Control & Reporting system and further initiatives as Industry 4.0, Data Mining and Process Mining. Champions also should understand the elementary pillars of a successful deployment and his responsibility. Six Sigma enables a „Change“ process which requires a pro active support.

Duration1 day (from 9.00-17.00)
Cost excl. VAT
QualificationCertificate for “Six Sigma Champion”
Minimum participants3
PrerequisitesThere are no specific requirements. 
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After having passed this Training you will have a fundamental understanding about the philosophy of Lean Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma, also the right point of view for a goal oriented implementation in the age of the digital transformation. Participate in the experience of our Six Sigma Master Black Belts with data scientist background and Management expertise as well and develop an overview about the „New generation of Six Sigma“.

Target group:

CEO Level; Manager of business units;Leaders with an ambition for change ;people who are involved in OPEX initiatives, Leaders for Industry 4.0 implementation, suppliers who need to start Six Sigma; customers who require Six Sigma, specialists in Data Mining and Process Mining.

Training contents:

  • Understanding the Six Sigma philosophy, history and background
  • Project selection and interfaces to other optimisation approaches like Lean, Shainin, TPM, CIP etc.
  • Definition and sequences of Six Sigma projects, DMAIC – Roadmap
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Six Sigma organisation (classic, practical experiences and alternatives)
  • Responsibility of the Management
  • Risks, stones and success factors
  • Design for Six Sigma, DFSS-Roadmap
  • Integration of DFSS into the Product Development Process (PEP) of the company
  • Development of a Six Sigma concept
  • Deployment in the organisation and holistic Change concept
  • Goal oriented connection of all different initiatives (Lean, OPEX …)
  • Six Sigma and the Management Control & Reporting System
  • DMAIC, DFSS and agility
  • Six Sigma in the surrounding of Industry 4.0 and „Big data“
  • Integration with Process Mining and Data Mining


This Training covers the requirements of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) but exceeds them in many topics.

Scope of services:

  • Detailed training documentation (in paper and as .pdf.-files)
  • Certificate “Six Sigma Champion”
  • Photo documentation from all Flip-charts etc developed.
  • Highly experienced Trainer
  • Free space for exchange and knowledge transfer