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Training Information

The Measurement System Analysis (MSA) training course qualifies you to identify the capability of measuring systems using a variety of techniques. Before conclusions can be drawn on the basis of measured data, it must be ensured that the measuring systems used are also capable and suitable.

The use of suitable and capable measuring systems is therefore the basis for a necessary confidence in the accuracy of the measurement results and the decisions based thereon. Take advantage of our experience and expertise to provide you with practical information about the various methods for measuring system analysis (MSA).

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After attending the seminar …

  • you understand the necessity and the practical application of a measuring system analysis (MSA)
  • you can prepare, perform and interpret a measurement system analysis (MSA)
  • you know and understand the key figures for the assessment of measuring system analyzes


Employees, specialists and executives from production and service companies who deal with the analysis of measuring systems

Training contents:


  • Introduction, background and purpose of a measuring system analysis
  • Requirements for an MSA and procedure for continuous measured quantities
  • Statistical analysis of the repeatability, reproducibility and overall dispersion of a measuring system (ANOVA and R method)
  • Analysis of attributive measurement systems (Kappa Fleiss), Analytical attributive analysis
  • Capability indices for measurement systems, as well as linearity and bias analysis
  • Development of a roadmap for later orientation


  • Consistent case study
  • Various examples for the measurement of continuous and attributively discrete features
  • Processing of real working examples from your company (exemplary)