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Training Information

This training for the Axiomatic Design should be an introduction into a systematic approach for product- and process designs and also to point out the early preventive leverages to identify design gaps and problems in order to compensate.

The overall intention of the Axiomatic Design is to develop an ideal design which means that all of the physical functions are fully uncoupled and that there will not remain a negative influence from some design elements on any function.

Length / Duration:2 days (from 9:00-17:00 Uhr)
Cost excl. VAT
QualificationEach participant will receive a certificate of attendance for “Axiomatic Design”
Minimum participants3
PrerequisitesThere are no specific requirements
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This means that the performance of each function depends just on one design element. The design engineer will have a clear guidance by this method at one side but several opportunities of design analysis, too. The logical consequence will be that a design becomes an optimal one from the beginning and rsiks will be minimized.

A big additional advantage is that there can be feeded several interfaces between Axiomatic Design like to functional analysis, the FMEA or the FTA. Also the application of QFD is linked to the Axiomatic Design because there should be measurable KPI’s in order to estimate the performance of Design concepts as well as detailed product- and process designs. Get an overview about the methodology of the Axiomatic Design and learn about the numerous analysis opportunities which can be used for preventive leverages in R&D.


  • The participants will understand the approach of the Axiomatic Design and the procedure, the overall goal and the advantages of a systematic and causal design work
  • You will also realize how to split a design project into moduls with well defined requirements
  • You will achieve the ability to apply the Axiomatic Design in your daily business and you will understand all of the design analysis according to these principles

Target group:

Employees and Managers from product management, Product- and Process designers, Engineering, QM, Research, R&D

Training contents:

  • Introduction into Axiomatic Design
  • Causal Product- and Process Design from Voice of (each) customer via the functional requirements to the necessary design elements
  • Zig Zagging
  • Axiomatic Concept Design, Axiomatic Product Design, Axiomatic Process Design
  • Physical Domain and Process Domain
  • Analysis and judgement of designs regarding critical couplings (uncoupled, decoupled and coupled)
  • Mathematic analysis of couplings
  • Calculation of the information content of Designs, especially for Process Designs
  • Modularisation of design projects, drill down to clear defined and measurable tasks, also suitable for external suppliers and Engineering companies
  • Practical exercises for application
  • Application on real examples from your company

Scope of services:

  • Detailed training documentation (in paper and as .pdf.-files)
  • Coaching of your project ba an experienced Master Black Belt (limited)
  • Interactive workshops
  • Certificate “Axiomatic Design”
  • Free space for exchange and knowledge transfer