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MTS Consulting Partner

Dipl. Ing. Gebhard Mayer and Dr. Dietmar Stemann – founders and owners of MTS Consulting Partner, with many years of industry and management skills, broad knowledge of relevant systems and initiatives such as ISO 9000, TS 16949, Six Sigma – have actively implemented those alongside a wide experience in line management functions.

Furthermore, both are involved in teaching at universities and various educational institutions.

Dr. Dietmar Stemann comes from a statistical background and Dipl. Ing. Gebhard Mayer from electrical/electronics.

Mayer and Stemann are a perfect team for the management consultancy in the fields of food, automotive, chemicals, machinery and equipment, electronics, Telecommunication and services (focus on logistics, banking, hotels and restaurants). In the food industry, both have very extensive project and deployment experience.

Our references in over 30 companies are ranging from Armstrong, BMW, Behr, Cherry, Daimler, ETO, Eurostrand, Leipa, Mars, Mercedes Benz Cars R & D, MBtech to SGF, Swiss electronics, Triumph and ZF.

Our core competences

  • Management and coaching of a wide range of Design for Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma and Quality Management projects
  • Delivery of projects and trainings worldwide
  • Development and global deployment of Design for Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma Methods & Concepts
  • Employees with long-term practical experience, Management experience (10 plus associated partners)

Meet Our Team

Gebhard Mayer
Gebhard MayerManaging Partner, Master Black Belt
Dipl. Eng. Gebhard Mayer has very intensive and longterm experiences in the management of R&D, production, quality and also engineering. His spectrum of competencies contains many items from different industrial branches.
His main strenghts are a systematic way of working, paired with data ananalytics as well as root cause thinking and a visualization which is very important and helpful in complex projects.Read more…
Dr. Dietmar Stemann
Dr. Dietmar StemannManaging Partner, Master Black Belt
Dr. Dietmar Stemann is the Managing Director of MTS ConsultingPartner and he has many years of experience in product and process improvement with Lean Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma (DFSS). Its strength lies in the consistent introduction and implementation management for Six Sigma and Lean. He has in-depth experience in the international upper middle class and international corporations. Read more…
Thomas Solecki
Thomas SoleckiSenior Consultant, Six Sigma Master Black Belt
Thomas Solecki has been a certified Six Sigma Black Belt since 2003 and has completed an apprenticeship within Lean Project Implementation. Many years of professional experience in the automotive industry as a project manager and an expert in methods – with a focus on Six Sigma and Lean – shaped his sense of process optimization. His industry expertise comprises of automotive industry as well as the electronic industry. Read more…
Andreas Rieß
Andreas RießSenior Consultant Partner, Master Black Belt
Dipl. Ing. Andreas Riess brings along almost 20 years of automotive experience. He gave proof of his experience in various projects. He attended in development as well as in production improvement or supplier development projects. Next to the normal usage of Six sigma method his strength is to motivate involved people. “Six Sigma needs to kid, then it will work sustainable!” As certified trainer he has experience on national and international level.
Sabine Matharu
Sabine MatharuLeadership and Coaching Trainer
Sabine Matharu brings over 14 years of experience and her main passions are in the range Operational Performance / Lean Improvement & Supply Chain. She not only brings a strong background of change management, coaching and training, but also knows lean principles that she has implemented in various industries, including manufacturing, services and utilities, across cultures on national and international levels.
Tobias-Daniel Stein
Tobias-Daniel SteinSenior Consultant, Master Black Belt
Dipl.-Ing. (BA) Tobias Stein has over 15 years of experience in the field of process improvement in environmental engineering, automotive and the food industry. Activities included training, coaching, project implementation and deployment of Six Sigma and Lean content as well as structured, detailed procedures. He is always focussed on one question: So how do we now implement this to get results? Read more…
Marcus Lottig
Marcus LottigSenior Consultant, Black Belt
Dipl. Industrial Engineer Marcus Lottig has over 15 years of experience in the automotive industry, and has acquired an array of skillset within a variety of leading functions in quality management and production. His knowledge, and a combination of monitoring and implementation of various projects, with a focus on analysis and standardization of processes, has given him a well-balanced understanding. Read more…
Thijs Panneman
Thijs Panneman Expert in Lean and Six Sigma Training
Thijs Panneman is an expert in Lean and Six sigma training and has trained over 50 factories in more than 25 countries in the last 15 years. As a master trainer, he has a passion for teaching and coaching others to lead a six-sigma project or transform their organization using the Lean and Six Sigma principles.Read more…