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Training Information

This QFD training will help you to develop products and processes so that they deliver what customers want and require. QFD (Quality Function Deployment) is a methodology which has been developed in Japan, supports you to take all of the relevant customer requirements and to transfer these requirements into measurable product parameters.

In the daily business we have many situations where it is rather difficult or even not clear if a product design or process design fulfills these requirements or you may miss a capability indicator. This is the interface for starting with QFD and this method will help you to deduct measurable KPI’s by a systematic way of working.

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QFD contains also the famous statement „Transform voice of customer down to the processes and machines“. It is a fundamental support for the development of a causal chain which is very important during a root cause based design. QFD starts with a transformation from VOC’s into measurable product criteria and then into component criteria and down to the level of the processes. In the last and lowest step you come down to the process parameters.


The participants understand the benefit of the QFD process. You will have the ability to develop QFD matrices and you will be able to act as a moderator of such workshops. The participants are able to develop Design Scorecards for all of the different design levels and to connect them to QFD matrices.

Target group:

Employees and Managers from product management, Product- and Process designers, Engineering, QM, Research, R&D

Training content:

  • Introduction, history and applications
  • Structure and Structure of the House of Quality (HoQ)
  • Systematic transformation from customer requirements to process parameters
  • Cascading of QFD matrices, examples
  • Design Scorecards as a control instrument: linking QFD and design scorecards at different levels
  • Practical exercises: flashlight, pencil, pen, torque converter as a cross-sectional example
  • Processing a real working example from your company (exemplary)

Scope of services:

  • Detailed training documentation (in paper and as .pdf.-files)
  • Coaching of your project ba an experienced Master Black Belt (limited)
  • Interactive workshops
  • Certificate ” Quality Function Deployment “
  • Free space for exchange and knowledge transfer