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How does it work?

Our approach contains an analysis and optimization of all of the relevant gears and parts of a company and not single and isolated improvements as applied very often which represents a sporadic and punctual improvement strategy.

The overall destination and the goal of such an initiative means to combine processes, systems, all of the new technologies and also the human beings in a manner that a company is able to identify global opportunities for innovations, to design new products and to produce them as required.

Furthermore a (digitalized) company should be able to react in an adequate manner on new situations and challenges. It’s not recommended and goal oriented to work on a 4.0 concept just inside of department silos which are isolated from each other. In the best case this will generate isolated solutions but not more.

Your favorite should be an overall holistic approach !

The first step is to evaluate the existing status for each supporting stream which is shown on the left side in the picture. These streams are elementary for a well performing 4.0 company. After such an investigation it is possible to identify the gaps which need to be compensated in order to achieve the desired 4.0 status. In the following phase of a goal oriented development and optimisation it is important to start the right initiatives and actions which are required in all of the specific issues and situations in order to achieve the goal status step by step. After an implementation of a good fitting 4.0 concept there will be generated a measurable benefit and a maximum of customer satisfaction.

The following Consulting & Supporting services are offered by us:

  • Support in an evaluation of the existing status for each supporting stream which are necessary for a successful 4.0 – concept
  • We help in all of the ratings regarding the performance of products, processes, systems and also all of the technologies based on our specific model to measure the level of maturity for each stream of 4.0
  • Development and exact definition of the goal status for your company
  • Methodical and goal oriented design of your customer specific 4.0 – concept
  • Support during the implementation of your 4.0 – concept with an optimum combination of methodology, analytics and „smart technological devices“
  • Support based on our holistic Roadmap for Industry 4.0
  • Support for the whole company or any single organisational unit

Let’s get started!

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