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How does it work?

Process Mining allows to follow up all of the events stored inside of IT-systems (SAP, ERP etc.), it is called digital tracing. This procedure of Event Logging can detect numerous patterns of the daily processes, for example: Sequence of activities, Decision rules and
Detection of communication paths and processing rules.

An event logging can be applied in different manners or variants, for example

  • An event refers to a task
  • An event refers to a specific process case
  • An event has an initiator
  • An event has a time stamp

Process Mining is concentrating on the process knowledge which is stored in the IT-systems. Process Mining gathers data which belong to certain process steps Based on this collection it is possible to draw a conclusion on the process sequence. There are applied classification tools.

Specific statistical analysis tools can detect differences between single process steps. As a result we receive a model of the true process and it’s visualization. We get a live picture of processes and can detect bottlenecks and weak positions. An additional advantage is that we can see different variants of a process.

This is highly relevant for administrative processes which depend very often on the individual handling of persons and therefore different processing is generated. The less amount of variants the higher the stability of such a process will be and efficiency will increase.

Why use Process Mining with MTS Consulting Partner

We can support you by the following support and Consulting Services:

  • Training for an introduction into Process Mining, overview and application cases, practical examples
  • Explanation of specific words and definitions & requirements for Process Mining
  • Application fields & scenarios for Process Mining
  • Data extraction & preparation
  • Possibilities of analysis: Process Discovery, Performance, Conformance, root cause analysis
  • Process-Mining projects & implementation
  • Integration of Process Mining and senseful connection to other optimization approaches
  • Process Mining and Industry 4.0
  • Support for selection of suitable projects
  • Prioritization and definition
  • Help to fix the right depth of analysis – degree of detailing

  • Coaching for the whole project

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