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With the Lean Management Basic Seminar we want to make sure that you understand the lean principles and get a comprehensive overview of the common lean methods.

The lean management philosophy takes a systematic approach and relies on pragmatic techniques to avoid waste along the entire value chain. The systematic analysis of weak points and the use of field-proven lean methods sustainably improve the value streams of a company.
Our experienced trainers will teach you the topics in a practical and targeted manner.

Duration2 training days (from 9:00 bis 17:00)
Cost excl. VAT
QualificationCertificate “Lean Management Basics”
Minimum participants3
PrerequisitesThere are no specific requirements
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There are 7 types of waste that can occur in daily business:

  • Overproduction – There are finished parts that are not used for the time being.
  • Stocks – Material or semi-finished products that are not currently needed for production.
  • Defects – When the quality of the work or the products is worse than the customer or the subsequent processes require it. 
(Examples: rework, scrap, missing part, wrong part)
  • Movement – Movements extend the work process. 
(Example: too long picking and walking paths)
  • Incorrect processes – Incorrect work processes in which the sequence of the individual process steps is not optimized lead to waste.
  • Waiting – Unused time if materials, machines or information are not available to the employee.
  • Transport – All movements of the material / sub-products that have no value-added activity.


After attending the seminar …

  • The participants have a solid overview of the common lean management methods and have taken a significant step towards a lean culture.
  • You have internalized and understood the lean principles.
  • Participants are able to start their first Lean implementation projects in their own organization.


Specialists and executives from production and service companies
Employees and Management staff from business segments and departments of producing companies and also Service providers.

Training contents:

  • Lean management introduction
  • The 7 types of waste
  • The lean management principles
  • The pillars of lean management
  • Customer orientation (focus on the needs of the customer)
  • Eliminate waste (5S, standardization, synchronization, leveling)
  • Avoiding mistakes (FMEA, DRBFM, Poka Yoke)
  • Improve equipment assets (TPM)
  • Securing lean processes (problem-solving methods, Six Sigma)
  • Empowering employees (teamwork, job rotation, funding programs)
  • Continuous improvement (CIP / KAIZEN)


  • Implementation of a comprehensive simulation workshop to internalize and understand the work of the principles of lean management
  • Summary of the results and ideas for the establishment of lean management
  • Tips and exchange of experience

Examination / conclusion:

At the end of the last training day, there will be a written exam to review the knowledge transfer. After passing the exam you will receive the certificate “Lean Management Basics”.