Why choose courses offered by MTS Consulting Partner

  • Comprehensive and efficient training path, tailored to the development priorities of manufacturing companies through established training and methodologies.
  • Six Sigma certification and training classes delivered by our Master Black Belts certified instructors, with real work experience.
  • All training courses can be delivered in Open or In-house format.
  • Open training available in German only.
  • In-house training available in German and English.

Open Training are delivered by Six Sigma Dienstleistungen GmbH and are only available in German, through our cooperation partner. Trainers across all events come from MTS Consulting Partner.

Training topics

DMAIC Roadmap practical examples several games

Six Sigma is a systematic approach to process improvement using analytical and statistical methods. The special feature of Six Sigma compared to other process improvement methods is the mathematical approach…

Aware of Six Sigma principles

Uses analytical tools and DMAIC

Advises on Six Sigma
A black belt with at least 2 years experience

Middle or Upper Management, advanced knowledge of Six Sigma philosophy

SIX SIGMA in the Digital Transformation Era

Interactive 2-day training that covers the integration of Six Sigma with various topics and technologies of the digital era…


DMAIC Roadmap practical examples car design

Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) is a targeted and causal approach to develop products and/or processes in whole or in part. DFSS combines the actual development work with methodology and data analysis.

Minitab Training

Foundation practical examples interactive exercises

The training provides you with well-founded basic knowledge of the use of Minitab for data analysis and analysis.

KNIME Basics Training

Foundation practical examples interactive exercises

The training provides you with well-founded basic knowledge of the use of KNIMEfor data analysis and analysis.

CI Green Belt training

Overview CIP tools practical examples CIP game

CIP (Continuous Improvement Process) is a systematic approach to improving processes and qualities.

LEAN Basic training

Overview lean tools practical examples Lean game

The Shainin method is a systematic analytical entry, develops hypotheses about cause-effect relationships, conducts experiments, measures results and analyses data.


Foundation Data Analysis practical examples Interactive examples

Statistical methods are often used in process optimization. Training in the basics of statistics is aimed at people who want to sift through, visualize and analyze data, or are related to these data analyzes.

DATA MINING training

Overview Data Mining Learning by practical examples interactive exercises

Digitalization is increasing rapidly which generates very high data volumes. These data contain very much knowledge and can be analysed with Data Mining tools. Data Mining means „Digging in data“.


Overview Process Mining Learning by practical examples interactive exercises

Process Mining is focussing on evaluation of process knowledge that is stored in IT-systems.

INDUSTRY 4.0 training

Goal and concept Design 4.0 Strategic state analysis Six Sigma 4.0 DFSS Data

At its core, Lean is a business methodology that promotes the flow of value to the customer through two guiding tenets: Continuous improvement and respect for people…

Six Sigma Leadership

Deployment Coaching Change Leadership Styles

The implementation of Six Sigma is a change process. Therefore we develop Six Sigma Leadership competencies to implement the vision and concept in the company.

We offer inhouse trainings in English. Please contact us directly via the MTS contact form.