How does it work?

  • Your innovations contained mostly a modification of existing products in the past
  • The development pipeline of your company is fed by internal inputs only
  • You would appreciate to realize an evolutionary jump
  • The requirements of the global market change very dynamic and it’s difficult for you to judge these trends

In the case that these statements should match to your company we can offer you our innovative Consulting service and support you in order to generate success.

Our approach consists of an analysis of global data regarding user profiles and customer behaviour in the future. Also it is possible to perform a global Benchmarking for your purposes. Furthermore Social Media Mining may deliver knowledge about streams and trends and such knowledge can be fed into your innovation pipeline.

Our dynamic Kano model is an important tool because we must be aware that features which would „add on“ nowadays can become required features in the future or even convert to „Must“ criteria. Markets change rapidly and you may cause loss if you neglect.
After having detected such potential projects and fed into the innovation pipeline DFSS will be started, logically.

Why MTS Consulting Partner

We can offer the following consulting services and support:

  • Methodical support for a discovery of potential innovations which will be required or highly accepted by the market
  • Integration of Data Mining in your future oriented research
  • Global Big data analytics
  • Support in an analysis and judgement of existing and future requirements and development of your specific Kano model
  • Preparation and execution of your individual Skills analysis, company to detect the spectrum of necessary qualifications in order to find innovative products and start working on these projects

Let’s get started!

We’re looking forward to providing you with a quote, a demo or any information about our services.