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How does it work?

As the person responsible for your production ask yourself:

  • How do I recognize the waste in my company?
  • How do I effectively eliminate waste?
  • How do I make the timing of my processes visible and recognize the potential?
  • How do I come up with suitable and working solutions?
  • How can I make the results measurable and sustainable?
  • How do I permanently increase productivity for greater competitiveness?
  • How do I implement a goal-oriented optimization approach?
  • How do I implement a lean workshop in practice?
  • How do I create the necessary acceptance for the initiative in the organization?

These questions will be answered together with us within the workshops planned by us. Based on your request, potential analysis are first carried out in order to view and classify the problem areas. This is the basis for the Lean projects, which are then carried out step by step in the workshops systematically with the working groups. We stand by your side as a reliable partner to jointly achieve the goals of streamlining and productivity and thus make a financial contribution to your business results.

Why MTS Consulting Partner?

The many years of experience of our consultants and trainers in the field of process optimization with the lean method in various industries such as automotive, electronics, food, logistics or the service sector such. Telecommunication offers you security in implementing the optimization of your processes. For your desire to streamline your processes through targeted optimization, we offer:

  • Identification of potentials and monetary evaluation
  • Developing a long-term strategy to systematically improve processes
  • Preparation and coordination of workshops and working groups
  • Management of the workshops and implementation together with your employees
  • Accompaniment of the optimization phases and documentation of the results
  • Coaching the team leaders within the workshops and working groups
  • Final statistical evaluation of the project results
  • Accompanying a lean cultural change initiative in your organization

Let’s get started!

We’re looking forward to providing you with a quote, a demo or any information about our services.