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How does it work?

Should you have such situations or similar ones in your company, then we can offer you a systematic and powerful support which will be able to achieve the required improvements. In reality these projects are challenging us:

It’s not possible anymore to solve problems with traditional initiatives, methods and tools because the complexity of products and processes is increasing more and more.

You’re starting „Fire Fighting“ very often in Task Force projects in order to solve problems but actions are not successful and sustainable.

Very often problems cannot be solved and they become part of the „normal business“!

More and more products or processes which have been designed are shifted into Task Force projects after SOP

We have very fundamental competencies with a wide spectrum what could be proven in many projects. Our qualification spectrum, expertise and experiences cover several branches. These industries became priority:

  • Automotive
  • Chemistry
  • Moulding injection technology
  • Manufacturing systems Engineering
  • Food industry
  • Pharma
  • Electronics

Why use task force projects with MTS Consulting Partner

We have very fundamental competencies with a wide spectrum what could be proven in many projects.

  • Taking the responsibility for Task Force-projects by us or support by methodology and analytics
  • Summarization of the existing starting situation, definition of one or more performance indicators for success measurements and development of a customized and individual scenario which contains a sequence of concrete tools and methods
  • Team guidance
  • Integration of suitable methods and analysis tools out of our wide toolbox
  • Development of a causal chain from the key problem to the responsible causes
  • Support in the design of a new, sustainable and satisfying solution
  • Participation at customer presentations

Let’s get started!

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