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Training Information

The Minitab seminar or the Minitab training course gives you more in-depth knowledge of the use of Minitab and builds on existing knowledge. Through a mix of case studies with direct exercises you get to know Minitab and its in-depth tools and functions in a hands-on way.

The 2-day training provides you with in-depth knowledge of the use of Minitab for data analysis and analysis. Take advantage of our experience and expertise to bring Minitab’s knowledge closer to you.

Below we have put together a possible training concept for in-house training in your company (this can of course be adapted to your individual needs).

Duration2 training days (from 9:00 bis 17:00)
Cost excl. VAT
Minimum participants3
PrerequisitesEach participant must have a notebook with the software Microsoft® Excel from 2003 onwards as well as MINITAB® from R17 onwards. During training you can work with MINITAB demo versions.
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Objective of the training measure:

Participants can fully and competently serve Minitab and are able to use the tools and functions.

Target group:

Employees and executives dealing with data analysis.

Training content:

  • Methods for comparing the mean of several groups
  • one-factorial analysis of variance
  • two-factorial analysis of variance
  • Test for variances (F-test, Bartlett test)
  • Multiple comparison method (inter alia Fisher, Tukey-HSD)
  • Interaction analysis (interactions)
  • Calculation of selectivity and power analysis in tests and variance analyzes
  • General Linear Model (“General Linear Model”)
  • Introduction to experimental design (full factorial and partial factorial plans)
  • Response Surface Methods (CCD, Box Behnken, D-optimal Designs)
  • Idea Taguchi procedure
  • Tips and exchange of experience

Training Methods:

Keynote speech, group work / workshops, discussion and exchange of experiences.