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Increased customer satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction in the service industry

Hotel & Gastronomy

Expiry Buffet


Guests complain mainly the quality of food and drinks and long waiting times at the buffet. 


To reduce the waiting time at the buffet and their variance and to achieve an improvement in the rating for food and drinks.

Our Solution:

Six Sigma

Project duration: 
about 6 months

A Six Sigma project was initiated. The following summarizes the activities of the completed phases:

› Measure:

Determination of performance in terms of satisfaction with food, drinks, housekeeping, animation (focusing on food). The evaluation of the waiting times showed that there is no significant problem here.

› Analysis:

Measurements were taken at certain times for the main meals at the buffet. Subsequently, a targeted root cause analysis was performed for the inadequate temperatures.

› Improve:

Several solutions were developed, which concerned both the kitchen as well as the process and the technical equipment at the buffet.

› Control:

By means of defined target values ​​and regular measurements, it is ensured that the food at the buffet can meet the temperature requirements over the required period of time.

The graph shows that the target value in terms of score satisfaction is not achieved in many cases. The amount above OSG has a share of about 2/3 of the questioned guests who were less satisfied. These fact contains a high potential.

Using a systematic approach, it was first established that the dissatisfaction of the guests had to do with the temperature of the dishes at the buffet. The graph from the analysis phase shows that most important food was too cold (violation of USG).


As a result of the initiated solutions, the guests’ average customer satisfaction was 1.57. The measures introduced at the same time avoided a potential loss of customers.

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