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What is Industry 4.0?

The 4th Industrial Revolution – Industry 4.0 – means a merging of information and communication technology with automation and production technologies. The aim is to generate so called Cyber-Physical-Systems (CPS) which enable a network of machines, warehouse systems, parts, products and involved operators and employees along the whole value chain, internal and external. This allows a real time communication between all parties and equipments.

Rigid production structures can be substituted by flexible architectures and we can get many advantages by it. Also new business opportunities may be realized if all of the tools and technologies are connected in an intelligent manner.

How does it work?

Regarding Industry 4.0, we hear two statements very often:

  • Industry 4.0 will come;
  • It will bring many changes.
The common sense of both is that they are wrong
Industry 4.0 is already present and it will change everything.

Therefore it is absolutely necessary to react in an adequate manner and to become “pro active”. But how to do it ? There are many opinions and misunderstandings regarding Industry 4.0 like:

  • All of the IT systems must be connected…
  • Every equipment which has an interface should be connected to a computer…
  • Store as much data as possible, analysis can follow later…

Our recommendation is a systematic approach for developing a specific concept for your company at first. Also it is very important that the goals get defined.
We can support you by Industry 4.0 Consulting and help you to develop your specific concept and also to implement it.

Networking should be replaced by digitization.

Why use MTS Consulting Partner services

We can offer you a goal oriented and causal combination of all existing initiatives and methods paired with our technological competency. So each company can become ready for the next industrial age with respect on their individual belongings and requirements.

  • Analysis of your basic system (process chain)
  • Analysis of the existing automation- / communication and information technologies, also the whole technical equipments, machines etc.
  • Development of a specific scenario and goal setting together with you and Coaching of the implementation – „What should be done and how?“
  • Development of a specific customized Industry 4.0 concept
  • Analysis of your Management Control & Reporting System (MCRS) as an important column of an Industry 4.0 concept. This means to ensure that BIG DATA are converted to the KPI’s you need in order to control your business right and flexible
  • Skills analysis – Evaluation of required roles and qualifications

  • Development of a suitable sensoring concept for your „Big data“ concept

  • Development of a customized Data Mining concept inclusive a selection of the analysis tools needed

  • Development of a necessary process control systems

  • Integration of Data Mining, Process Mining and Lean Six Sigma in the context with Industry 4.0

  • Full Coaching of the implementation

  • Trainings for Industry 4.0

  • Trainings for Data Mining (Basics ad advanced)

  • Process Mining Consulting

Let’s get started!

We’re looking forward to providing you with a quote, a demo or any information about our services.