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How does it work?

As the person responsible for the Six Sigma initiative, you might have the following questions:

  • How do I create the necessary acceptance for Six Sigma  in the organization?
  • How do I communicate achieved successes in the organization?
  • How do I develop a strategy for attracting peers?
  • How is Six Sigma accepted by the workforce?
  • How do I communicate the project in the organization?
  • How do I handle implementation with employees and leaders?
  • How do I convince the management and department heads of Lean Six Sigma?

These questions are dealt with in a systematic and structured way in the coaching sessions. In particular, these questions must be answered individually and depend on the size of the company and the culture of the company.

We attach the importance to maturity models and the formulation and definition of work packages on these topics

  • Management awareness

  • Skills development

  • Project selection process

  • Project Implementation

  • Results

It also addresses the issue of urgency for the new initiative with management, clarifying the sponsorship issue and creating a vision and creating the first success stories. The creation of a communication plan is also a point of the common coaching package.
The support and coaching always takes place in a trusting cooperation with the project leader and project team.

Why MTS Consulting Partner services

We have successfully initiated and implemented this deployment process in various companies (large corporations and SMEs). Let us convince you of the effectiveness of the implementation in your company!

For the introduction of Lean Six Sigma we offer:

  • Introduction of a maturity model and management evaluation
  • Regular updates of the maturity audit
  • Developing a vision for the company
  • Formulation of a strategy (5-year plan)
  • Definition and implementation of the key Lean Six Sigma deployment processes (for example, the project selection process)
  • Stakeholder analysis and identification of the right sponsors
  • Establishment of a communication plan

Together we develop these points, for example in the form of:

  • Workshops to develop the maturity model and strategy development
  • Deployment Trainings considering the Mindset Aspect (Change)
  • Coaching (support and support) of the deployment and change process in your organization

Let’s get started!

We’re looking forward to providing you with a quote, a demo or any information about our services.