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Training Information

This training of the Functional analysis will help you to identify functional gaps and weaknesses in Product- and Process Designs very early and to elliminate them. The essential output of a Functional analysis is a detailed visualisation of all of the physical functions inside of a design which can be a system, a product, a subgroup assembly or a process.

In that manner we can visualize what’s going on between the different design / hardware elements, phyiscalwise and we may identify also mal functions or even missing ones. This means that we have the chance to find weaknesses very early. This will support the design engineer by the prevention of „gaps“ inside of a design long time before any hardware can be tested with trials in the laboratory.

Length / Duration:2 days (from 9:00-17:00 Uhr)
Cost excl. VAT
QualificationCertificate for Functional analysis
Minimum participants3
PrerequisitesThere are no specific requirements
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Therefore a Functional analysis is a very powerful tool. Another big advantage of this method is that the functional view between all of the components of a design delivers an overall picture. The traditional behaviour of working contains a punctual view on dome components or functions, mostly.


  • The participants understand the benefit and the process of Functional analysis
  • You will be able to take over the moderation of such specific workshops and to develop a big picture of all of the functional relationships inside of a design
  • The candidates will get the ability to analyse „functional maps“ and to initiate suitable design modifications based on these learnings
  • Target group:

    Employees and Managers from product management, Product- and Process designers, Engineering, QM, Research, R&D

    Training contents:

    • Introduction and application opportunities
    • Process of a Functional analysis
    • Necessary input informations
    • Suitable visualisation of functional relationships inside of a design (system, subgroup assembly, component, process)
    • Useful, missing, negative functions or uncompleted functions, examples
    • Weakness / gap analysis and Trimming
    • Different tactical methods to achive an ideal design
    • Handling of conflicts, identified
    • Calculation of a KPI for judgement
    • Practical exercises for application
    • Application on real examples from your company

    Scope of services:

    • Detailed training documentation (in paper and as .pdf.-files)
    • Coaching of your project ba an experienced Master Black Belt (limited)
    • Interactive workshops
    • Certificate ” Functional analysis ”
    • Free space for exchange and knowledge transfer