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Productivity increase in the automotive industry

Productivity increase in the automotive industry

Automotive Industry

hydraulic assembly


An increase in volume is urgently needed, as there is an unlimited demand in the hydraulic assembly and the production plant can not produce on target quantity.


The actual productivity of the production plant is 16.7 pieces / h. A target productivity of the production plant of 20 pieces / h is to be achieved.

Our Solution:

Six Sigma

Project duration: 
about 6 months

A Six Sigma project was initiated. The following summarizes the activities of the completed phases:

› Measure:

A systematic analysis provided probable predictors of productivity. These influencing factors were compared with the existing indicators of the area.

› Analysis:

The data of the last year were analyzed and various theories of influencing factors were confirmed or refuted.

› Improve:

With the help of this data collection the 6 significant main influencing factors were evaluated and measures for the improvement of the current state were determined.

› Control:

By setting up a systematic component parts management with Poka Yoke, documentation of the tests, compliance with the optimization measures is supported. The recording and monitoring of the key figures takes place daily.


Increase in productivity from 16.7 to 18.3 pieces / hour and thus increase the output by 600 pieces / day

Achieved benefit: € 157,000 per year through increased productivity and an additional € 68,000 per year through reduction of the fixed cost share

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