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CIP (Continuous Improvement Process) is a systematic approach to improve processes and qualities.

The method is based on the Kaizen thought, which describes the change from Japanese to the better. Here, processes and qualities in operational as well as administrative areas are improved in small steps with the involvement of employees. The consistent approach is applied company-wide in small projects or workshops and the philosophy of continuous improvement is driven forward.

Duration5 training days (from 9:00 bis 17:00)
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QualificationCIP Green Belt
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The CIP method uses simple and easy-to-use tools such as Ishikawa, 5-Why Technique, Actual / Actual-Not-Technique, Pareto Analysis, Time Series, Boxplot or Scatterplot to solve problems in a short time. The focus of the training content lies in the cause investigation. At this point in particular the systematic approach is conveyed on the basis of the “influence funnel model”, which is also used in the Six Sigma method in the analysis phase, but is used here without the statistical tools.

Training levels of the CIP Belts

CIP Green Belt Training:
In practice, the CIP Green Belt performs the role of project manager of CIP improvement projects. He is responsible for the success of the CIP improvement projects. He must be able to apply the PDCA methodology and its various tools and methods. Hereby not only the technical knowledge, but also a corresponding social competence are necessary.

After all, these are often processes of change that have to be created and accepted by everyone involved. They are often a pioneer in the systematic implementation of CIP improvement projects and motivates stakeholders through measurable success. The 5-day CIP Green Belt training course will qualify you so that you can implement improvement projects using CIP tools and methods independently and successfully, as well as play the role of a CIP facilitator.

You will be able to manage and direct CIP projects as a project leader.


After participation in the training …

  • Have a sound understanding of the approach of CIP and you are aware of the prerequisites for a successful implementation of the CIP methodology
  • acquire a sustainable practical knowledge through the direct application of the CIP knowledge in an own improvement project (parallel to the training)
  • You are able to successfully implement CIP projects in your own area of ​​responsibility
  • You are able to facilitate CIP workshops
  • Master standardized project management CIP tools to successfully lead project teams and successfully complete improvement projects


Employees and executives from production and service companies

Training content:

The CIP methods are demonstrated through several consistent case studies and in workshops. Here, the following contents are taught:

  • Introduction and implementation of CIP
  • Understand the CIP philosophy, history and background
  • Roles & Tasks of the CIP Moderator
  • Selection and differentiation from other optimization approaches such as Lean, Six Sigma, A3 Report and 8D
  • Selection, definition and execution of CIP projects
  • Develop and visualize metrics
  • The process of change in the company
  • Detailed insight into the phases of the PDCA cycle
  • Graphical analysis based on numerous analysis tools
  • Cause investigation using the Ishikawa and 5-Why technique
  • Actual / Actual Not Technique
  • Sustainable protection of the achieved standard
  • Conflict management
  • Group Development
  • Moderation & Presentation
  • motivation of CIP teams

Testing / certification:

At the end of the training block a written exam (duration 90 minutes) will be given.

After completing the CIP course and participating in the written exam, each participant will receive a confirmation of participation.

Upon successful completion and completion of an accompanying CIP project as part of the training, the participant will receive the certification “CIP Green Belt”. The project is approved by our Master Black Belt (We recommend the implementation of an accompanying project to apply the methodology in practice).

Scope of services:

  • Comprehensive training documents (in paper form and as .pdf files)
  • Tools for exercises and templates
  • Photo documentation with the results of the group work carried out (Subsequent transmission)
  • Participation in the certification day
  • Qualification certificate / certificate “CIP Green Belt”