Error costs reduction in chocolate bar production2019-07-31T13:31:06+01:00

Error costs reduction in chocolate bar production

Error costs reduction in chocolate bar production

Food industry

Production of chocolate bars


Chocolate bars are produced in series and then packed automatically. Problems that occur in the packaging lines lead to stoppages and waste.


The current committee of 4.4 % on average should be limited to max. 1.2 % can be reduced.

Our Solution:

Six Sigma

Project duration: 
about 6 months

A Six Sigma project was initiated. The following summarizes the activities of the completed phases:

› Measure:

A review of the existing system for measuring the width by a Gage analysis showed its unreliability. The reference power of the width was determined with a new measuring system.

› Analysis:

A systematic introduction to the process provided the plant parameters for targeted analyzes. A non-linear regression analysis proved that the bath was over the line.

› Improve:

First, the cause of the bathtub curve was detected and turned off. Subsequently, with a targeted DoE, the optimal settings of the machine were determined, thus realizing a capable process.

› Control:

To maintain process capability and reduce the target level, the significant parameters are monitored by SPC.


In the context of this project the problems in the packaging were significantly improved. The task of this project was to determine the causes for the variation of the width and thus to reduce the rejection to the defined target.

Achieved benefit: approx. € 500,000, – per year

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