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How to apply Data Mining?

DM methods

The standardised Data Mining process follows the CRISP (which stands for “Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining”) data model which is applied by iterative steps. CRISP-DM is a proven method for the construction of a Data Mining model.


Fixing goals and requirements, definition of the concrete project task(s) and the steps as necessary, project schedule


Data collection and first review of available data, explorative analysis and checking potential problems with the quality of data


Selection and cleaning of data in order to develop the final data set for modelling

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Application of suitable Data Mining tools, parameter optimisation, development of different models


Selection of the best fitting model with respect to the overall task, project review and definition of the next sense-full steps


Finalisation and presentation of the results, integration of the model into any decision making process, project review

Why use Data Mining with MTS Consulting Partner

  • For the start of our cooperation, we recommend one-day workshop for:
  • describing the existing situation regarding processes
  • Key Performance indicators, problems and existing improvement approaches and initiatives
  • drill down of problems and challenges, assignment of suitable approaches (like Lean, Six Sigma, DFSS, Data Mining, Process Mining)
  • identification of Data Mining projects
  • Definition of Data Mining projects, support in the selection of necessary analysis tools and Coaching for the whole project based on CRISP model
  • Implementation of Data Mining into your organisation and definition of the interfaces
  • Goal oriented connection of Data Mining with Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma and also Process Mining if necessary
  • Skills analysis – systematic deduction of your specific qualification requirements in all business segments and departments, based on roles, tasks and responsibilities
  • Development of a customized Data Mining concept and selection of necessary methods in your company
  • Goal oriented connection of Data Mining and your Industry 4.0 concept
  • Trainings for Data Mining (basics and advanced)
  • Iterative approach: analysis, implementation, and verification. We divide a complex problem into many small parts for which we study solutions.
  • Prototyping: we evaluate the feasibility of a project through a limited investment, reducing the risks linked to the creation of an activity.
  • Documentation: we offer the customer the overview of what we are going to implement.

If you are looking for a Data Mining consulting session, MTS Consulting Partner will be glad to offer its vast experience.

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