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Training Information

The training on tolerance management should sharpen the understanding of a purposeful tolerance management. In general, tolerances are an unpopular topic among designers.

The balancing act in terms of security and costs is not always easy. Especially in the production of products, tolerances regarding increased quality requirements, functionality and costs play a decisive role. The challenge therefore lies in defining tolerances in such a way, that requirements for the product are met and at the same time the manufacturing costs remain within limits.

Duration2 days
Cost excl. VAT– per person i
Minimum participants
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Experience has shown that manufacturing costs can be significantly reduced with the help of systematic tolerance management. This can be ensured by using helpful Six Sigma methods in the product development process. Use our experience and competence to establish a targeted tolerance management in your company.
Below we have put together a possible training concept for in-house training in your company (this can of course be adapted to your individual needs).

Objective of the training measure:

The participants learn how to implement a goal-oriented tolerance management with a structured and systematic approach. In the training the participants are taught methods and approaches.

Target group:

Employees and managers from product and process development

Training contents:

  • Fundamentals of tolerances and the concatenation of features and dimensions
  • Statistical bases, terms, key figures, analysis tools
  • Tolerances and costs
  • Tolerance problems and their consequences
  • Arithmetic versus statistical tolerance
  • Definition or derivation of tolerances
  • Requirement-appropriate and actually required tolerances
  • Tolerances and transfer functions (product and process)
  • Statistical handling of shape and position tolerances
  • Important feature distributions in practice

  • Folding of feature distributions
  • Monte Carlo simulation and tolerance calculation
  • Standard tolerances
  • Treatment of case studies
  • Practical exercise

Scope of services:

  • Consistent case study
  • Comprehensive training documents (in paper form and as .pdf files)
  • Numerous data files, tools for practical exercises
  • Room for exchange of experience and expert knowledge transfer