First Online Webinar on topics of organization 4.0, Big Data and Six Sigma – Six Sigma 4.0 in digital organizations

First Online Webinar on topics of Organization 4.0, Big Data and Six Sigma – Six Sigma 4.0 in digital organizations

Your organization is relying on Six Sigma for quality improvements and problem solving. Perhaps your organization is already applying Industry 4.0 technologies as well. But do you also benefit from synergies that can result from integrating both initiatives? Many organizations have not (yet) seized this opportunity. They rather focus on projects, e.g. implementation of Big data solutions, that are certainly promising. However, they are carried out in isolation.

A helicopter perspective

Let’s take a helicopter perspective: “It is not a question of whether it will come … it is already there.” (what is meant is digitization). Magazines and other media create the impression that every German company of a certain size has already run through a digital transformation or is currently doing so. However, this is a selective perception due to the positive reporting mainly from large companies. For medium-sized enterprises, the reality is very different indeed. Only around half of the companies surveyed have implemented at least one digitization project. This means that in most cases, there are just first attempts to implement digital technologies here and there, such as sensors and big data analytics.

Many still work on paper. Many companies might be reluctant to take the step into digitization because they lack a strategy or because the high investments for a complete transformation are too daunting. Often, there is also a lack of know-how for the introduction and a lack of trained personnel to operate the digital solutions in day-to-day business. Others have not yet found out the advantages of digitization for themselves, and if they have, they might not yet be ready for the cultural change.

Potential of Big Data and Data Mining

Undoubtedly, there is so much potential behind the application of big data tools and techniques such as data mining, especially when it comes to improving processes and products. Organizations that have already taken the first steps towards Industry 4.0 have gained some ground. However, to fully exploit the potential, you need a holistic view. Collecting masses of data alone does not improve anything. Particularly when facing problems in an environment with high complexity, you need a systematic approach to ask the right questions and define the right goals that want to be measured, achieved, and sustained. The implementation of a technical solution cannot accomplish this on its own.

First online webinar on topics about the organization 4.0

In our first online webinar about “Organization 4.0, Big Data and Six Sigma” on March 12th, 2021, Gebhard Mayer and colleagues presented ideas on how to proceed for successful integration. The four use cases, including a tool demo, clearly illustrated practical concepts for various challenges. The roadmap developed by MTS Consulting Partner provides a holistic framework for planning and implementation, reaching from strategic orientation, over smart solutions, to the necessary employee skillset. The proposition of new skills that employees and quality experts need to adopt to master digitization gives additional food for thought. As with any initiative that involves change, the human factor must by no means be neglected. For this purpose, the webinar shows which skills an Organization 4.0 needs.

MTS ConsultingPartner would like to thank all participants

The MTS team would like to thank all participants for their positive feedback. We are planning to repeat the webinar so that even more participants can benefit from our ideas. This webinar shall also encourage those organizations that see digitization as a Herculean task: you can also start with a small solution but with a purpose and a plan. It doesn’t have to be a full transformation right away. Every organization has a different starting point and there is no “one size fits all” concept. Therefore, we pay attention to customize individual solutions for our customers.

Missed the webinar? No problem – we will be offering the webinar again soon. If you would like to be informed about the next session or get further infomation, simply send an email to or contact us. We will notify you as soon as the next webinar is scheduled.

You can also explore our training offerings for example on Industry 4.0 or Data Mining to get your Organization 4.0 started.
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