Six Sigma DMAIC – 8 Simple Steps for Successful Green Belt Projects

I am delighted to announce our brand new book “Six Sigma DMAIC – 8 Simple Steps for Successful Green Belt Projects”, published by MudaMasters. Many thanks, Thijs Panneman, for leading the creative process in this enjoyable book project!

This book is a helpful companion to guide the most popular form of Six Sigma improvement projects: a Green Belt DMAIC project. To that end, we designed an 8-step method for the successful execution of DMAIC projects. This method provides a clear structure to organize improvement activities based on a set of over 50 frequently used Six Sigma tools. Each tool is explained using practical examples to help readers choose appropriate tools for their own project. Moreover, each phase is accompanied by a case study from a real project to bring the methods to life.

As experience has shown, mastering tools is vital but does not guarantee project success. Therefore, we are also providing several tips for project coaching and teamwork.

This book is a valuable asset for all Green Belt candidates and certified Green Belts on their quality journey in manufacturing. It is easy to follow, and the background information provided in the appendices ensures that readers with different points of departure are brought to the required level of knowledge.

If you are striving for breakthrough improvements, this book is for you! You can purchase the book on Amazon – Six Sigma DMAIC – 8 Simple Steps.

I’m looking forward to any kind of feedback and would like to thank MudaMasters again for the cooperation in this exciting project!

Best regards, Dr. Dietmar Stemann

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