MTS Annual Conference 2015

//MTS Annual Conference 2015
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Systematic implementation of Changes in business – Product – Processes – Systems – Employees

Six Sigma – Mindset before Toolset

For Six Sigma can penetrate the enterprise comprehensively and effectively contribute to the improvement of corporate culture, as is the quality of Six Sigma activities and the Six Sigma mindset and thus the popularity of Six Sigma among employees crucial.

Move to Improve – process improvement in the daily life of the food industry

From the identification of potentials to the sustainable implementation of improvements.

Those that measure much, measures rubbish…

“Consider and formulate the questions for the process and learn focussed from the documented data”.
This is exactly what is shown with practical examples.

Competencies – Potential – Personality

Three psychological core concepts and their significance for change management.
Capture competencies, potential and personality, using appropriate methods and describe them. Core are psychological processes by which the applicable requirements for individual change processes can be evaluated.

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