Process Optimization “systems, processes, people”

//Process Optimization “systems, processes, people”
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MTS Consulting Partner is holding presentation at the Food Forum: Process Optimization “systems, processes, people”, 5th November 2015, Harsewinkel

Highlights of the Food Forum: “Without the support of employees, processes cannot change; their motivation and creativity are crucial to the success of a process optimization strategy.” Sabine Höfel Food – Processing Initiative eV

On 5th November 2015, representatives of the food industry met at the invitation of the Food – Processing Initiative eV in the CLAAS Technoparc for Food Forum process optimization “systems processes, people.”

If you want to continuously improve your processes, you should follow some important rules: At the beginning, define a clear goal, find the right method and ensure you involve your employees from the outset. Whether you apply Lean or Six Sigma, the goal can only be reached with the right methods, which you need to check and adjust as necessary.
Dr. Dietmar Stemann CEO of MTS Consulting partners showed in his presentation, ‘process optimization in the food industry’ through examples – the benefits of different methods. His conclusion: “Only through the use of the correct method(s) and the involvement of employees you can continually improve processes.”

“Use a clear language,” says Tobias Daniel Stein, Lean Six Sigma Manager at Intersnack Knabber pastries GmbH & Co. KG in his lecture, Move to Improve – Process improvement in the daily life of the food industry. “It is much easier to integrate the employees in the improvement process if they understand what you are saying.”His contribution offered a glimpse into the everyday life in Six Sigma. His advice: ” Take your time over observing the process, talking to the staff and weigh out the benefits against the costs before you identify a project.”

Prof. Dr. Svenja Thiel, CEO of Thiel & sandwiches and a professor of behavioral economics at the Hochschule Fresenius mentioned in her presentation the psychological side of change. Key questions are how to motivate employees to embrace change and the role of the executives and the organization. Together with your employees, you should visualize goals and ways to quantify the goal. “Pre-requisite for a good cooperation,” says Prof. Dr. Svenja Thiel, “is a culture of trust.”

Industry and Food 4.0 4.0 – presence vs. Future was the title of the panel discussion in the second part of the Food Forum. Karl-Heinz Krudewig, co-founder and Head of Product Management of 365FarmNet Group GmbH & Co KG explained in his keynote speech, which potentials are hidden behind the digital networking. In answering this question, all parties were in agreement. The potential for the company in the Food 4.0 industry is enormous: “Only when all the wheels of the company is considered analytically and perfectly matched, the full potential can be tapped,” said Dr. Dietmar Stemann. “With food 4.0, the demands on staff members will change, it will be all the more important to involve the employees from the outset in the process.”